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Copyright at the Fund

Link to the Course

The link below will take you to Workday Learning, where you can view, take or re-take the Fund's mandatory copyright course "Your Role in Copyright Compliance". 

Your Role in Copyright Compliance | Learning (

Copyright Course FAQ

A: All Fund personnel are required to take the training. This includes staff, contractuals, experts, employees in local offices, and vendors with access to the IMF network. Currently, Short-Term Experts are not able to access the course. Departments will be notified when this changes.
A: Completing this course is required once in a Fund career.
A: New hires are required to complete the course as soon as possible after joining the Fund. It is strongly recommended to complete this mandatory course without the first month of employment, to avoid exposing the Fund to copyright infringement risks.
A: Yes. Summer Interns are required to take the course and should do so as soon as possible after joining the Fund.
A: Those on LWOP, extended sick leave, etc. past the course completion deadline are still required to complete the course and should endeavor to do so at the earliest opportunity when they are back from leave. (network access)
A: The recommended browsers are Chrome and Edge. If accessing via Citrix, please use Chrome or Edge and not Internet Explorer as it does not allow the course to launch.
A: We strongly recommend that you take the course on a laptop or desktop. Taking the course on an iPhone or iPad in the Mobile version of Workday may result in you completion not being successfully recorded.
A: The course automatically saves your progress, so you can exit and continue later, if necessary. However, you need to click “Yes” to the question "Would you like to resume where you left off?" If you select "No", your progress will be lost and you will have to start from the beginning.
A: There is no minimum score you need to achieve, but it is important to read the feedback on the interactive learning and complete all the exercises in the course.
A: You need to fully complete the course and tick the box confirming you read the Copyright Compliance Policy. The last screen should look like this:

A: There is no certificate printing, but upon completion, you should see a screen like this below.
A: Upon full completion, a record of your completion will automatically be made in Workday. You can view a record of your course completion by selecting “Learning”, “Progress” and scrolling to “My Transcript”. Please ensure your completion status says “Completed”, as in the example below.
A: When the course is playing, you can enable closed captioning by clicking on the icon circled in red below.