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Searching the Internet: Google Custom Search

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Google's Custom Search Engine (CSE) tool is primarily intended for use by web site owners who want to create a search box for their site. You can use it to create a search box that only searches your custom list of web sites. Try my example below which searches several international organizations. If you like this tool and need help setting one up for yourself, contact me!

Try my CSE! Search International Organizations:

Creating your own Google custom search


1) Create a Google Account if you don't have one.

2) Log in with your Google account at 

3) Click on "Add" to create a new custom search engine.

4) Enter the domains of the web sites you want to search, one per box.

5) Enter a Name for your new search engine.

6) Click "Create" to finish.

Two options for accessing your new CSE are:

  • Click on "Public URL" and bookmark the page.
  • Click on "Get code" to get the html code to embed a search box into a web page.