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Bloomberg Professional Research Guide (IMF): Bloomberg Keyboard & Tickers

This guide helps you understand how to navigate Bloomberg.

Using the Bloomberg Keyboard

Commonly Used Bloomberg Keys:


 CONN/DEFAULT   Log in / Log out
 Esc/CANCEL  Cancel a command 



 GOVT  F2  Government securities
 CORP  F3  Corporate bonds
 MTGE  F4  Mortgage securities
 M-MKT  F5  Money market securities
 MUNI  F6  U.S. municipal bonds
 PFD  F7  Preferred securities
 EQUITY   F8  Common stocks, American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), mutual funds, rights, options, warrants 
 CMDTY  F9  Commodities and their associated futures and options
 INDEX   F10  Equity indices and economic indices
 CRNCY  F11  Currency markets
 PORT  F12   Portfolio functionality

For further information on each function key and its coverage, press the function key, e.g. <EQUITY>, and then press <GO> for the main menu.



 Enter/GO   Run function
 MENU  Return to previous screen
 BACK  Scroll backward in a multiple-page screen
 HELP  Send a message to the Bloomberg Help Desk, 24x7          



 PANEL             Press to switch between the Bloomberg windows        

Bloomberg Ticker Symbols

How do you type tickers in Bloomberg?


  • MSFT US [EQUITY] for Microsoft Corp. stock
  • VOD LN [EQUITY] for Vodafone stock
  • GSK 5.375 04/15/34 [CORP] for GlaxsoSmithKline bond

Bloomberg tickers include the following:

  • ticker (e.g., MSFT for Microsoft Corp.)
  • database (appropriate yellow key, e.g., [EQUITY] for stocks)
  • exchange (e.g., LN for London)
  • dates (e.g., bond maturity; mm/dd/yy)

To find a company ticker:

Type company name, then hit HELP.

Select #2 (Companies) and then choose desired company from list.

Type RELS, then hit GO for the Related Securities screen.

On the page that appears, choose options listed under Equity Securities for equity or under Debt Securities for debt.

Or, hit appropriate yellow key, type TK, then hit GO; e.g.,

[EQUITY] TK [GO] (then type vodaphone equity)