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Bloomberg Professional Research Guide (IMF): Help and Training

This guide helps you understand how to navigate Bloomberg.

Bloomberg Support

  1. Live chat with the Bloomberg helpdesk: press the Help Key twice on the Bloomberg keyboard.
  2. Our account representative can meet with you in person or by web conference. Contact
  3. The Bloomberg Resource Center (BPS <GO>) has cheat sheets, training videos, and guides.

Bloomberg Cheat Sheets

Looking for Bloomberg documentation on topics of interest to you?

Enter BPS <GO> to access the Bloomberg Professional Service Resource Center. Select from the topics in the left panel or search for content in the amber field at the top-left of the screen.

Selected cheat sheets:

Bloomberg Training

If you would like to learn more about Bloomberg:

  1. Training videos: Type in BPS and hit enter <GO> to access Bloomberg Resource Center. Look for the training videos in “View video tutorials”. These are introductory videos that can be viewed at your own pace. Remember to bring your own earphones and plug them into the monitor.
  2. Bloomberg Market Concepts: 8-hour self-paced e-learning course consisting of 4 modules – Economics, Currencies, Fixed Income and Equities. BMC <GO> and register with your IMF email. The course is available for free via the terminal.
  3. In-person sessions: You may also register for trainings at Bloomberg’s office from the terminal. Enter BU <GO>, go to View upcoming events - Filter City by Washington DC
  4. Schedule a consultation: Schedule an appointment with our Bloomberg rep for an introduction to Bloomberg. Contact the library for help with this.
  5. Group demo sessions: Occasionally, there will be Bloomberg demo sessions held at IMF HQ. Watch out for emails from the library on when to register for these sessions. They are posted in advance on the Library Learning Calendar.