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Guide for Librarians

Tips for doing our research guides


Let's use this guide to store tips and tricks for doing our research guides.  Please feel free to send me suggestions!

Steps for Creating a Guide

Follow these steps to create a new guide from the Library Network template:

  1. On the LibGuides Admin homepage, scroll down to the LibGuides Shortcuts box and click on Create Guide.

  2. On the Create New Guide page you have two options under Choose Layout or Reuse.
    • If you select Start Fresh, your guide will use the library's default template with left side navigation. This is the preferred template for all public Library Network guides. 
    • If you select Copy content / layout from an existing guide, you can select Local Guides which will copy the layout and all the content of another guide that a Library Network user has created. There is also the option to select Community Guides, which will allow you to select a library guide from a LibGuides user outside of the Library Network. This option is not recommended. 
  3. Fill out the Guide Name using this format: "Your Topic Research Guide", for example "Poverty Research Guide".
  4. Select the Group Assignment. Unless your guide is primarily IMF or WBG content, select All. IMF can also select IMF Staff Only to restrict access to IMF employees who are on the IMF network. 
  5. Guide Description, Guide Type, and Password are optional fields. 
  6. Share Guide Content allows you to give permissions to LibGuides users to copy your guide content and layout. Choose Private to restrict copying to Library Network LibGuides users.   
  7. Customize you guide, i.e. add links, add new boxes, tabs, remove unneeded boxes. See other portions of this guide for assistance.  
  8. Do not attempt to edit the common boxes that are linked from the How to guide.
  9. Disabling comments for those boxes that don't need them (like Ask! a Librarian) will be your responsibility, since this feature doesn't carry over from the template.( Follow the instructions on Profile in LibGuides tab of this guide.
  10. Enjoy creating your first guide and please contact if you need any help.