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Sources for WBG History Guide

This guide pulls together sources on World Bank Group history. It is focused on items held outside the World Bank Group sites and repositories.

This Guide is still a Work in Progress! 


Welcome to the Libguide on available resources concerning the history of the World Bank Group!

The purpose of this guide is to pull together sources of World Bank Group (WBG) history.  It is focused on items held outside the WBG sites and repositories, although some WBG resources are noted.  For WBG held sources – we recommend you look at the World Bank Group Infoguide (especially the Research, Reports, & Repositories tab) and the World Bank Group Archives site.

This guide aims to give researchers, students, and the public interested in the World Bank Group a place to start their research.  We do not pretend it is exhaustive, but it should at least help point the way.

Disclaimer: We have not read/watched all of these works, nor does the World Bank Group take responsibility for content, links, and items held on non-Bank sites.

WE NEED YOU --- If you know of a site or item which is missing from this list, please contact us at and we will look into adding it to the guide.