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Edwin Coyoy
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Central Banks & International Financial Institutions (IFIs)
by Edwin Coyoy - Last Updated Jun 29, 2016
Central bank, a nation's principal monetary authority, which regulates the money supply and credit, issues currency, and manages the rate of exchange. IFIs are established by more than one country, the shareholders are national governments.
Tags: and, and, and, banking, central, financial, financial, international, issues;, macro-prudential, macroprudential, monetary, or, policy, policy, regulation, reserves;, stability., supervision;
Country Risk & Sovereign Debt Research Guide
by Edwin Coyoy - Last Updated Jun 29, 2016
A collection of risks associated with investing in a country. Bonds issued by a national government in a foreign currency, in order to finance the issuing country's growth.
Tags: asset-liability management, country risk, debts, international investment position, international lending, liability management, risk management, sovereign asset, sovereign debt, sovereign wealth funds
Financial Crisis Research Guide
by Edwin Coyoy - Last Updated Jun 29, 2016
A Guide to Research on Financial Crisis.
Gender Equality
by Edwin Coyoy - Last Updated Jun 29, 2016
Gender equality can enhance economic efficiency and improve other development outcomes by removing barriers that prevent women from having the same access as men to human resource endowments, rights, and economic opportunities. (
Tags: empowering women, equal pay, equal salary, gender discrimination, gender disparities, gender diversity, gender equality, gender gap, gender inequality, gender parity, pay disparity, pay gap, pay inequality salary gap, workplace gender equality
General Economics Reference
by Edwin Coyoy - Last Updated Aug 24, 2016
Highlights reference materials covering all areas of economics research. Includes databases, historical statistics, data resources, directories, dictionaries, country information, journals and research papers.
IMF Managing Director
by Edwin Coyoy - Last Updated Nov 18, 2015
Islamic Banking & Finance
by Edwin Coyoy - Last Updated Apr 28, 2016
Macroprudential Frameworks and Policies
by Edwin Coyoy - Last Updated Dec 15, 2016
Macroprudential policies are becoming an integral part of a toolkit for assessing and limiting systemic risk-the risk of disruptions to financial services caused by impairments to the financial system that have negative consequences for the real economy.
Tags: macro prudential, macro-prudential, macroprudential, macroprudential and financial stability, macroprudential and institutional framework, macroprudential and instrument, macroprudential and systemic risk, macroprudential policies
Millennium Development Goals Research Guide
by Edwin Coyoy - Last Updated Jun 29, 2016
Key resources to start your research on the MDGs, including links to data sites, annual reports, books, and articles.
Nobel Laureates in Economics
by Edwin Coyoy - Last Updated Nov 18, 2016
Public Financial Management Research Guide
by Edwin Coyoy - Last Updated Jun 29, 2016
The Guide includes information on public finance, public debt, government budgets, revenues and taxes.
Social Sciences Reference Research Guide
by Edwin Coyoy - Last Updated Jun 29, 2016
Highlights general reference materials such as dictionaries, biographical & geographical reference and style guides which are available electronically. See also subject guides for targeted reference materials.