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Guide for Librarians

Tips for doing our research guides

Create a book list with cover photos

In order to add a list of books:

1.) Add a box and give it a name

2.) Click on Add / Reorder and select "Book from Catalog"

3.) Add the ISBN information for the title and click Get Book Info. This should automatically popular the box. Update any information, such as the URL to point to the catalog. 

4.) If you would like to add more books to the list, click the edit button next to the title and select add to group. 


See example below: 

Add a rotator with images

This section teaches you how to add an image rotator, aka a gallery box, to your page. 

1.) Click on   Add Box at the bottom of the column. 

2.) Select Gallery from the Type dropdown.


3.) Now that your box is added to the column, click the gear () in the upper right hand corner of the box to edit its properties. Follow the prompts for the media type you'd like to add.

4.) For Books:

  • Click on the  Add New Slide button

  • Select Book 

  • Click on the dropdown and use the search box to find the Book from the Catalog

  • Select your book and edit any details as necessary

  • Click the Add button