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Guide for Librarians: Start Page

Tips for doing our research guides


Let's use this guide to store tips and tricks for doing our research guides.  Please feel free to send me suggestions!

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Steps for Creating a Guide

Follow these steps to create a new guide from the Library Network template:

  1. Login with your account using Admin sign-in link in the LibGuides interface.
  2. Click on Create New Guide.
  3. In Use Template From choose "Library Network Research Guide Template by Marina Tyapkina".
  4. Put guide title in the form "Your Topic Research Guide", for example "Poverty Research Guide".
  5. You may skip the description.
  6. Add other people who will be editing the guide as Editors.
  7. Click on Create Guide button.
  8. So that other editors could have access to your guide, change its status from Unpublished to Private. The "Change status" link is next to Guide Status in the top. When you are ready to publish the finished guide you would need to change its status to Published.
  9. Customize you guide, i.e. add links, add new boxes, tabs, remove unneeded boxes.
  10. Refer to Linking to Resources and RSS Feeds tabs of this How to.. guide for instructions and samples of how to properly link to resources and RSS feeds.
  11. Follow instructions in "NOTE to the Editor" notes in some of the boxes and remove those notes when done.
  12. Do not attempt to edit the common boxes that are linked from the How to guide, they have purple and green arrows in their headers.
  13. Disabling comments for those boxes that don't need them (like Ask! a Librarian) will be your responsibility, since this feature doesn't carry over from the template.
  14. Make sure your Librarian Profile box content follows the standard, as it appears in the template ( Follow the instructions on Profile in LibGuides tab of this guide.
  15. Enjoy creating your first guide!

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